Men’s Health Urbanathlon

I considered doing the Urbanathlon in Chicago in October. My only hesitation is I wonder if it’s more intense than I can handle? Probably not.

Here’s the training guide: It’s goal is to get you up to speed with your running, and then throw in some obstacles to get you to react quicker while running at full speed. I’m a little nervous about this because it is not a “happy to participate” event. You can not move on to the next obstacle until you complete it.

Geez, I thought the Tough Mudder was a least fun and a “happy to be here” event…now this one requires me to TRY to do well? I may have to really train for this. So here’s the obstacles list:

Monkey Bars: Easy – Medium

Tires: Easy

Hurdles: Medium – Yea I could potentially have a problem with this. At only 5’2″, I’m at a slight disadvantage.

There’s more obstacles, but most of them are so easy-looking like crawling under a car, cargo net over a bus, running up the stadium stairs, etc. I think where I will struggle is the distance. It’s about 13 miles in length with obstacles in between. Means my stamina and endurance will need to kick into high gear and not give up on me.

Would be a fun event to do. I’d be up for it! Just means I need to start training asap.


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