Reflect & Recover from this insane thing called, Life :)

Part of a healthy & fit life is to squeeze in recovery times and usually those are called “vacations”. I can’t speak for everyone else and offer advice for ways you can recover from the insanity of your life, but I can paint a picture of how it looks like on my end.

The insanity of my life:
I hate revealing what I do for a living, because my work life is still rather private to me. But in a snapshot, I’m a partner in an internet-retail business that operates several websites. Part of the insanity of my life, is feeling like I’m being pulled in a million directions from every department, and I have 2 million projects going at all times…I’m sure many of us feel the same way. I must confess, I have the luxury of throwing my hands in the air when it gets too insane, and no one dies when I need to hide under my covers for a day. Unlike my husband’s profession, if he doesn’t make it to work, people die. But the insanity of my life comes from inside me – I’m a person who needs constant change, constant interaction, constant inspiration, and I guess despite how much I need all of those things, I’m constantly bored. Thus, the need for a recovery vacation isn’t always for “recovery” but instead a need to feel inspired to do it again the next day.

My driving forces:
I’m motivated by success, passion, small things that become big things, love, strong bonds, and a variety of positive life experiences. I grew up with nothing but the love and family bond from my parents. It was just 4 of us, and no matter how hard it became, we always made it work, and the things that don’t matter, just didn’t matter. I was raised to not care about money, and that all you need in this life is a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes to wear (and it didn’t matter where it was from) and an indestructible family bond, because no one will ever love you as much as your family. My core values include tight knit bonds at home and at work. I have an amazing set of friends who are always there to inspire & encourage me in all my endeavors…

Every year I reflect on how many things I accomplished, and I list everything that I can think of, big or small, because I believe that we’ll never know how awesome or how strong we are until we get the chance to see everything on paper.

Living a fulfilled life is hard work. Just like marriage, being a parent, running a business, being an employer – you want to do it to the best you possibly can, it’s all an incredible amount of hard work to juggle every aspect and to stay sane. BUT this is a FULFILLED LIFE.

I feel truly blessed every day that I get to go to work and hang out with people who are thrive in seeing small things become big things and see them perform each day with passion in their eyes.

My recovery potion:It’s not really a potion but more of a way of life that helps ground me and maintains that fervor for success, passion & more. I like to take small, short, quick vacations and usually with my husband or my business partner who also happens to be my best friend and partner in crime.

My latest travel adventures include a pre-show trip to Lake Havasu. We had to go to a retail tradeshow in Las Vegas for roughly 6 days, but included a quick trip to Lake Havasu to pretty much relax yet get ourselves acclimated to the tradeshow aches and pains.

Typically, at shows, we are walking from 8:30am to 6-7pm. Walking on concrete for 8+ hours KILLS your lower back, hips, feet, calves, etc. It’s also hard on your digestive system, because we are eating pretty much garbage because that’s the only type of food available at these things, and we are hurrying to eat it so that we may get back to work. My stomach has been upset the entire time, I constantly feel bloated, etc.

But the pre-show trip usually consists of the ability to sleep in a couple of days before hand, light “office time”, good meals, and an exhaustive hike or activity of some sort. The exhaustion prepares our bodies to accept the aches and pains during the show. It’s kind of like running 30 miles and putting your body through what it would feel like when it’s time to run that first marathon. Acclimating the body is half the battle of dealing with it. The body will kick out inefficiencies and prepare for the pain.

Our Havasu trip consisted of a long hike through slot canyons with ridgeline views of the lake, and an incredible dip in a cove while swimming with a few ducks. It was an incredible time to unwind, yet exhaust ourselves. One of my favorite things is flooding my eyes with incredible mental photographs of the beauty of the desert. I confessed my love affair with the desert, and explained how it has a burning prickly spot in my heart, because I’ve just about had a heat stroke from that hike, and I pricked my finger somehow from a cactus.

It’s an incredible landscape and I feel so loved by it. My next adventure will take place in Maine in just a few short weeks. I can’t wait to share it.
















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