Why love half-way?

As soon as I recovered from that last post – I immediately went back to Vegas a week later. Saw an opportunity to attend the MAGIC Market Show – which is a fashion industry show for all you newbies, me included. This time, I went alone. It was a good trip, so to say.

Before I left I thought long a hard about how stressful the show before was, and how much stress was put on my digestive system. Mainly because we ate at 11pm at night most nights…or perhaps, the fact that we are sooo hungry that we gorged each meal, or perhaps the self-inflicted pressure of “if we hurry, we’ll get through x number of booths today”. Of course all of this is just part of traveling for work. Thus the need to relax and prepare beforehand.

I’ve discovered a list of traveling pet peeves:

  • I don’t like to RUSH – if I can avoid it at all costs, I will
  • I like to plan my time out for majority of the day, and plan time for “anything goes” so I don’t have to RUSH
  • I need scheduled meal times – so my digestive system isn’t bombarded with food it’s not used to or so much at once, aka RUSHING TO EAT
  • I don’t want to RUN to get anywhere because we have to RUSH
  • I need my coffee every morning at a normal morning hour, not at 2pm
  • My normal speed is still pretty fast. I’m not a turtle.

For this trip, I wanted to do it because it was a chance to see how I’d do on my own. I must say, I do just fine. Better than I expected. I learned the roads and became an expert on the Vegas side-road system. I avoided the strip at all costs. I learned how to get around and also discovered my favorite locale even more: Chinatown.

I had a chance to eat Pho twice on 2 nights. Tried 2 different places. It was fantastic at both places. I also had a silk salad which is vermicelli, ground chicken, seafood, and lettuce, carrot, cucumber, mint, basil, etc. Soooo delicious.

This weekend, an old colleague of mine was in town for work. It was his first time there, so I had a chance to show him the slower pace of Vegas a bit. It was nice to catch up. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years since we both graduated college.

We did a few things together, but mostly learned about each others personal lives, professional lives, and aspirations. It was really nice to know that college had an impact on others the same way it did for me. I had a great college experience and must say that it did prepare me in many ways. I was definitely one of those bright-eyed and hopeful kids who wanted to set out to make a difference in some way. But was very disappointed when I got into the real world. I did learn to cope with it, and from my experience in the fraternity that I belonged to – “Your experience is only as good as you make it.”

And that’s how I’ve lived my life….how could I make today better than yesterday? How could I make the most of this moment? Did I love deeply? Learn greatly? Smile unabashedly? And did I live honestly?

Sometimes, I hurt uncontrollably, but I think it’s because I’ve got a big heart and sometimes it’s just downright mushy. I can’t help it. I enjoy my fairytale, my magical land of hopeless romance. Why be alive if you can’t feel it? Why love half-way? It feels amazing to be embraced! We need more affection in this world and a deeper more meaningful connection.


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