Travel Adventures

Today is a good day to be alive 🙂 Actually, every tomorrow is motivation to do better than we did today. Several events occurred in the past few months.

Entering my 30s
I am so blessed to be alive at 30 years old. I thank God every day for everything I’ve been blessed with. I believe a loving, caring and supportive family is so incredibly important to have on your team especially when waters get rough. I haven’t had the best family experiences growing up, but in the past 10 years I’ve worked my butt off to make sure my family is my top priority and to build meaningful relationships with the people who love me unconditionally.

I entered my 30s with a bang. I set a goal to visit every single state before I turn 30 and was blessed enough to be able to sit on the sandy beaches of Hawaii on January 22nd. All 50 states are crossed off my list. My next decade goal would be to visit all 59 National Parks. The criteria is to go on at least one hike. My husband is on board and he’s going to join me. He also has a goal to run a marathon in every state by the time he’s 50. He’s got 2 down and I’m so excited to root him on each marathon adventure. He’ll join the 50 Marathons in 50 States Club.

I decided to reach these goals about a year ago when I realized I only had 9 states left that I haven’t been to. Since this past summer I’ve been on a traveling surge, galloping across the northeast, northwest, Midwest and Alaska and Hawaii to finish. It has been an incredible journey and I’m so glad I did it.

Some of the places I visited on my travel adventures included Bar Harbor, Maine and Acadia Natl Park. What an incredible place. We visited Cadillac Mtn for a 5:30am sunrise.


After several hikes, we indulged in lunch at Jordan’s Pond House. An incredible restaurant located in a secluded area looking at Bubble Mtn. Then went back to Bar Harbor where we stayed and relaxed in our B&B and ate at a restaurant down the road. We fully indulged in the spectaculars of Maine.




I also visited New Hampshire and Vermont. Both incredible places.



My journey also expanded to Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota and Oregon. As for Alaska and Hawaii, we were able to visit those places because we had flight vouchers from a previous trip to Seattle where they bumped our flights but offered $400 and that made our flights to Ak and Hi half price. We were able to do almost all of the things we wanted without breaking the bank account.




















I’m so thankful to be blessed with beautiful enriching experiences that make life worth living. I don’t think these things just happen to people. I think if you want something you need to go out and reach for it and make it happen.

There’s one more great thing that happened but I need to put it in its own post. 🙂


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