Creating a foundation

It’s 9am on a foggy Wed morning, and I decided to stop procrastinating and finally get my DL renewed. I got pulled over about a week ago and with my kind of luck, I’m sure I’d run into the same guy who asked me if I would take care of this expired license and insurance card immediately, he could save me $300 in citations. I promptly said, yes sir, and a week later I am fulfilling my promise.

But there are several reasons why I procrastinated doing this very normal and very typical thing that all people do.

I got married about 4 years ago. I had no intentions of changing my name. I liked my rather difficult name because it was shared with my dad. My last name is his first name and he felt that I had a “good” name in the sense that it has brought me good luck and fortune, so changing that to something else is like saying, “he dad, your lucky name is not enough for me”. It’s also a unique name because my half brother and half sisters share the same last name but spelled with only one “H” and my full brother has my dads last name. So it’s just us two in this whole world who share this name with two “H’s”. And I feel kinda lucky.

But today, I am appending that name with my husbands last name so as to not give it up for good. This will be better in the long run since we will be having a family with the same last name.

Speaking of family, we’re expecting our first child! We are so excited and our hearts of so full and filled with so much joy! This name change is one of the first of many foundational things I am doing to plan and prepare, so my last little things can be taken cared of before the arrival.

I’ll create another post about it.


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