1/01 – 2015 is Here! Resolutions!

New year’s resolutions are stupid. At least that’s what I tell myself when I have weak moments, and then fall off the wagon entirely.

What I love about resolutions is acknowledging that SOMETHING has to be done with bad habits, and at the very least, a promise to myself to change is the bare minimum to jump start the year with some positives.

Hello, 2015.  Your predecessor, 2014, went by super fast, or super slow depending on how many sleepless nights I had incurred between being pregnant and becoming a new mom. Last year, was a defining year. It was filled with so much love, so many new feelings, experiences, and events. I have never felt so whole and fulfilled.

I’m excited to focus on a new me this year. A me that is now a MOM (most awesomest job ever!), and someone who’s even busier than before. Last year, I was on a new adventure that had me completely unfocused on my fitness, yet fully committed to learning how to raise a child. So I slipped last year, and instead of focusing on exactly what I was going to eat, I worried about what I couldn’t eat; instead of worrying about what workout I was going to get in, I worried about all the activities I couldn’t do anymore (there is A LOT of stuff you can do while being pregnant!). I loved going to the gym with a giant belly and do weights. I exercised until I was 30 weeks pregnant. By that point, I was so big that walking any distance, made me feel like my side muscles were pulling to the ground, therefore, I took that time in life to just relax, and enjoy being beautifully pregnant. I had a fantastic pregnancy. I only put on 30 lbs – the recommended amount, which was perfect for my little frame. My baby boy was very precious born at 6lbs 15ozs. He was so perfect when I met him. I feel so blessed to be his mommy.

Today is New Year’s Day. I did not want to waste time so I jump-started my year by resolving to do the following:

(I will forgive myself if I give in, but I will also try my best to document my experience, as I truly believe that documentation reminds me of how hard/easy it was and only gives me more strength to stay strong)

  • Drink a gallon of water each day. I will stock my office/home/car with water, and reset every day with a new gallon jug. In order to drink that much water, I will need to reduce my intake of other fluids such as sodas and teas. I will still continue my single cup of coffee each morning. I will allow myself coconut water and powerade for flavored hydration.
  • Lose 10 lbs in the first month by all means necessary. I have maintained about 10 extra lbs since the birth of my son, and I have no more excuses to eat junk food and sweets. Today I started a modified cabbage soup diet. Unfortunately, the soup as-is is not sustaining. The single thing it’s missing that could make this soup sustaining for future meals is protein. I truly believe in a high protein, low fat, low carb diet. And not diet in the sense of a fad-diet….but a normal every day diet. I made the soup the way the recipe states, but added low sodium chicken stock, low sodium veggie juice and 95% lean ground sirloin for protein. Now, this soup is not missing entire food groups. I plan on consuming this soup every day for the next 7 days – according to diet. Again, this is not sustaining, so I don’t plan on doing this much longer than 7 days, however, my goal is to lose 10lbs in water weight, fat, or whatever, and start 10lbs lighter as my baseline. When I get to that point, all of the focus for a leaner body will be physically obvious. I hate working hard on muscles, and not be able to see them because I’m bloated.
  • Begin a weekly or daily fitness routine and STICK with it. In December, I bought a new client month long membership to a hot yoga place in town, and I have loved every single class I’ve taken! I’ve never loved yoga before, mostly because it’s actually pretty painful when your muscles aren’t warmed up. With bikram, the heat feels amazing, and I feel such an amazing detox with all the sweating. My plan is to start my day off at the gym by packing up the baby at 7:30am, heading in and doing about a 30-45 minute workout. Then meet up with the nanny by 8:30 or 9, and having her take him and then head to work. I like this plan, because it’s a convenient solution, and a routine that works unless the baby has trouble cooperating. I wanted to continue my yoga practice by occasionally doing Hot Yoga on weekends, and make it a treat instead of a routine, since it’s much more expensive than a membership at the gym.
  • Limiting sweets to once a week. This one will be hard. I decided to throw out all junk food and sweets that I have collected over the last 6 months. I am so weak when it comes to ice cream, but I must admit, I haven’t had any in weeks and didn’t even think about it. Until now….gosh.
  • Accountability partner. Scott’s on a mission to lower body fat, and so am I. He and I will work hard to stay focused this year, as he’s got some big events coming up towards the end of the year.
  • Try new fitness plans. I decided to take up yoga and hot yoga for it’s gentle nature. But I want to pick up swimming again, pilates, crossfit, tai chi, rock climbing and muscle plus. I’m excited to just try new things and keep a fitness variety.
  • Hate Pizza, hate pasta, hate fries. I used to HATE these foods, but in the last 6 months, I’ve really just started enjoying them again. I want to hate them again. I hate they way they make me feel, I hate the way they stick to my body. I just want to hate them again.
  • Follow the paleo and whole 360 diet. I learned about some amazing paleo slow cooker recipes that will fit this new me way better. I have done paleo before, not as strict, but I love the results of a leaner body. Also, with a clean diet, I felt so much better each, refreshed, and healthy. I’d definitely like to jump back on that.

My resolutions are really simple. I just wanted to set strategies for this new me, and not just make blanket statements like “I wanna lose some weight, stop drinking sodas, eat better, etc…” I really wanted to lay down the roadmap to fitness, like I have before in 2012 and 2013. The best part about all of this is that I have done it before. So the hard work is already done. I just need to follow through.

Ah, I am truly excited for this year. It will be absolutely amazing. A few things on my bucket list that I plan on fulfilling is skydiving, dune buggy chasing, and hitting a new National Park.



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