1/02 – A gallon of water is insane…

Whoever decided to do this must have a bottomless pit of kidneys….I tried, and boy did I try…and by midnight, I’m forcing myself to chug the last 12 ozs and it was just a struggle. Unfortunately, I was short by literally a can of soda. 12 baby ounces. 12!!! I just felt so bloated with water, and peeing 27 times, I had to just let my bladder relax.

Despite the side effects of drinking a ton of water, the other side effect is that fully-hydrated-body feeling…so hydrated you can feel a detox from the peeing, and the hydration spreads to your skin and it just feels soooo good.

So, doesn’t matter how many times I gotta pee in a 2 hour period….my face is hydrated…and the toxins are removed…and that…feels….so good. 🙂


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