1/4 – Hot Yoga and Mind Body Connect

Well, yesterday I needed to have some me time. I booked a hot power yoga class on Mind Body. Mind Body is a website that connects you to wellness businesses like yoga, group fitness, gyms, and massage/spas. Basically what I use it for is to find a workout when I travel. So it’s pretty awesome how you can sign up for class and ensure you have a spot when you get there. Also you get to learn a little about the class and instructor.


It felt so amazing to get a class in. I wish I were able to take a class everyday of the week. The heat just really relaxes your muscles and allows it to work at the level it should be working. Yoga that is not hot, is a much different experience when your muscles are not warm. Cold yoga just hurts to me.

So thankful my hubby was able to watch our baby while I get 75 glorious mins of hot yoga in and I returned the favor afterwards so he can run for 2 hours.

1 gallon of water challenge is truly a challenge. I must admit, I still haven’t been able to put away a gallon. It’s like my body is rejecting the last 24 ounces. I have a quart size bottle that I keep filling up and I struggle just to get the 3rd quart in. So getting to that 4th quart has been insane. My throat is rejecting the water. I feel like I’ve failed but I think it’s bc I’m not as active. Perhaps when I am doing more I’ll be able to “need” more water. We will see. I will report.


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