Food prepping – my newest fitness adventure

I am so intrigued about this. My preconceptions are that it will get old fast and if I travel, I’ll blow it off altogether. What I forget about doing this is that the second half of the week of the meals are frozen so even if I am traveling one day, the meal is still good, even to the next week.

I want to explore the best meals to prep. I’m not as particular about what I eat but even if it’s not a favorite meal, as long as I know it’s healthy I’m more likely to eat it.

I’m going to research some meal prepping plans and try them out. Sunday’s are good days to prep and Saturdays are good to cheat. I enjoyed a lot of pizza, Thai food, Mexican food, even junk food these last few months post partum. Time to tighten this mama body back up. Wish me luck.


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