1/20 – Food prepping, hot yoga, and more

I am currently, high on my latest favorite, the Flat White espresso coffee from Starbucks. I haven’t had much uninterrupted sleep in about a week and a half, cause my little one is having midnight fits lately, but, to counteract the fact that I’m damned from ever sleeping straight through a night ever again, I decided to fight fire with fire, and just stay the hell up. AND be fully caffeinated. Boo…yah….  Take that you insomnia SOB.

So….update on food prepping. It went well, until I decided I didn’t want to eat what I had prepped. Just ain’t feeling those flavors, ya know. It’s like, the idea of prepping the food was WAYYYYY more exciting than actually eating it.

I’m at day 20…it’s a struggling point to stay on track. Water consumption has taken a nose-dive….but I was traveling this past weekend. Went to Vegas for a few meetings, parties, tradeshows, events…etc. It sort of prevented me from hydrating like I normally would. But it’s just an excuse…I’m trying to get back on track. Today, I had to skip yoga because my nanny was not able to pick up my little one before the class started. So decided to skip it and focus, FOCUS, SUPER FOCUS on the most important task I have been given. Which is increasing my stress level, thus needing me to get some yoga in. I am working hard on it…

I have realized, that I need more intense workouts. Yoga is great, but it’s only a supplement for a real workout. I noticed that I am “slimming” but not building the muscle that I want, nor am I getting that much leaner. I feel that after the workouts I used to do before I got pregnant, I’d feel like a beast and could lift everything. But now, I feel like a slug even after a super yoga class.

Like I said, day 20 is breaking point. I’ve stopped eating the original cabbage soup plan. Have resorted to low cal days and lots of protein…basically microwaveable meals, for the convenience and portion control. I am constantly fighting with myself on my strong desire to lose this baby weight, and get back to the way I was.

I know my husband loves me just the way I am, but I don’t love me this way. I don’t want to buy more jeans/pants…I like the ones I have, and I would prefer to just lose the fat/pounds necessary to get back into them. I wear yoga pants or stretchy pants all the time now, cause these last few pounds make my pants tight. I’m not trying to be skin and bones…I just want to fit my original pants!!! I love the clothes I had, and I just want to wear them again!

Anyway, that’s my update. I am a strugglebus right now and could use some sort of encouragement that the hydration, the portion control, the yoga, and blah blah blah are paying off. It’s a lot easier to maintain than it is to lose the first initial pounds. I know that I have gotten on the scale 2 days in a row last week and the scale showed I lost 4 pounds from Jan 1st, but 4 pounds has not had an effect on the pants…that’s all I care about…fitting into my old clothes. Ok, no more complaints!


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