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7/22 – Cardio/Leg/Core HIIT

I’m gonna start creating HIITs , so I have planned workouts to get in each week – wrote this in like 5 minutes!
Leg / Core Session Today – tight butts and bellies! This is about 25 or so minutes – the crabs and mt climbs are quick.
Start off with –
  • 25 Prisoner Squats, then lift up your RIGHT HEEL and do
  • 25 Inner Thigh Squat – should feel it inside your thigh, now do the other side
  • Find a step, like a curb and with your LEFT FOOT, step on it, and lift your other knee to elbow, then back down into a squat, and repeat for 25 times, then switch to the RIGHT FOOT do for 25 times
  • Go back to a regular squat and squat it out 25 times
Now get on the floor –
  • 25 mountain climbers, then turn over
  • 25 crab kicks, turn over
  • 25 mountain climbers, turn over
  • 25 crab kicks
Now get on your knees –
  • working hamstrings – 25 hamstring kicks each leg
  • 25 – side knee kicks, each side
  • repeat, 25 ham kicks each side,
  • 25 side knee kicks each side
On your back – some core work
  • 50 bicycles
  • 50regular crunch
  • 25 top hat abs
  • 25 touch the skys
  • 30 second plank
  • 30 second side plank
  • 30 second other side plank
  • 30 sec yoga – downward dog
  • 30 sec yoga – childs pose
Slowly get up, and reach for your toes, and you are done!

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7/17 – Filthy Fifties & Fresh Vietnamese Summer Rolls

Ahhhh…..the Fabulous Filthy Fifties! It’s a “Crossfit” style workout routine where we do 50 reps of each exercise, but not exactly. We do traditional exercises like chest press, shoulder press, situps, etc….no cleans and snatches or box jumps (by the way, box jumps are super un-safe!)

So today, I woke up, extremely woozy and stumbled to the bathroom, checked my cell phone for emails and messages, and fell back into bed then passed out for another hour. Needless to say, I got to work super late. After 10am….yikes.

I worked my buns off today getting important stuff done, then our power went out 10 mins before the office lets out, and I decide to say, well…guess my workout starts early today. Isn’t that the right attitude? Yea I thought so. So I found all of the flashlights in the warehouse and put them all around in our “box” downstairs and proceeded to work on the Filthy Fifties!

Here’s the workout!

50’s of Everything on this List – I finished in 37:28

  • Chest Press
  • Shoulder Press
  • Full Situps
  • Reverse Crunch
  • Single Arm Rows (50per arm)
  • Jump Pullups
  • Roman Dips
  • Tricep Dips
  • Lunges (50 per leg)
  • Prisoner Squats
  • Weighted side crunch (50 per side)
  • Bicep Curl (15lbs) (50 per side)
  • Pushups

I highly recommend these kind of workouts when you have to do it yourself. Because you can focus on total time completed and compare to last time. We started this workout as a conditioning workout cause we haven’t done other stuff lately, like the short burst tabata workouts…and the first time we started this about a month ago, I finished in about 40mins, then 3 days later, did the exact same workout, and finished in 29 minutes, then 3rd time 2 weeks later, finished in 37mins but I added 1 extra exercise to the mix.

Food Log:

Breakfast only included 1 cup of coffee with creamer and splenda. I know I should eat breakfast, but I like to keep it simple and so I don’t get hungry all day. Eating bfast always makes me hungry…but I know it’s good for me.

Lunch was nice, I had 2 packs of a rice noodle soup, kind of like ramen noodle pack but white rice noodle version. Each pack has 180 cals, but probably less for me cause I didn’t use the oil packet that came with it. I just used the dry spice packets. I ate that, an ounce of cheddar sour cream baked lays and 40 ounces of water from my handy dandy water bottle that sits next to my desk all day.

After workout shake consisted of just 1 scoop of powder with water. I don’t like drinking protein powder, but when I remember, I just guzzle down a scoop, which I think is right for my size and weight.

For dinner I decided to make something that I had at home. I had shrimp and rice wraps, so this was the perfect super low cal, enough protein (maybe not enough for some folks), green veggies, and simple carb dinner. Just shrimp, rice wrap, cucumber, basil and sweet chili sauce for dipping.

Getting back on the wagon is so much easier now in this time of my life than ever before. I think recording my efforts regardless of how nice or eloquent I wrote those posts, just the simple record of the things I did, how I did it, what trouble I went through, and learning from the mistakes, has become an invaluable habit that I didn’t realize drafted my fitness road map.

 And that is an incredible feeling to know that fitness is now a part of my lifestyle and not some yo-yo diet I start 4 times a year with no lasting results.








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Don’t be fooled about erratic posts in this category – I workout most days.

If you are thinking, “Why doesn’t she post workouts here every day? Does she only workout once every few weeks?”

I post here whenever I find an incredible workout with video or pictures to show worth posting about. I work out most days, and most days the work is similar. But when I find workouts that I just have to share, then you’ll see it here.

I promise these workouts are pretty intense and they do a lot for you in a short period of time.



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HIITCore from – An AMAZING Core Workout!

Fully Stacked Abs – Wow, an incredible Core workout that really stacks the work on the abs. I always feel like most ab workouts aren’t enough, especially when you are doing something like bicycles over and over, this multiplies the effects of an ab session especially when you stack another move with a typical ab workout. 10 Minutes ABS do exist – try this one out for size, and tell me if your abs hurt like hell afterwards. Mine sure did.

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We can do anything for 20 seconds!

Yes we can! Tabata workouts are fantastic HIITs! For just 20 seconds you can get a quality workout done in anywhere from 9 to 12 mins a day! It’s high intensity and burns far more calories than running on a treadmill for half an hour. And because its a great mixture of different exercises, you’ll get some toning in.

Today I did the HIITLite workout I posted. It took less than 9 minutes to do the circuit. I was very surprised that this “light” workout made me sweat when I typically don’t from longer more intense workouts.

What I liked about the workout was the short bursts of each exercise. I’m not doing anything long enough to get super winded so I am able to maintain the level of intensity I started.

The workout in words:
In 20/10: as many as you can
2 push-ups
2 ab curls

In 20/10: as many as you can
Jumping toe touches

In 20/10: as many as you can
4 mountain climbers
4 half burpees

In 20/10: as many as you can
Squats with leg lifts

Then repeat 3 times with 20 seconds rest in between

Also goes to show that you don’t need an hour to get a workout in. If you have a floor, you have a gym, and a great workout can be accomplished in 9-12 mins a day.


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Need a lite workout? Here’s a HiitLite from BodyRock that will show you step by step some new simple exercises to try

This is a great “light” workout for beginners who are wanting to ease into HIIT training.

I remember when I first learned of HIIT workouts, I was interested but it was a little too weird for me, and when I finally had the nerve to try it, I was completely uncoordinated and then completely discouraged. I didn’t try it again for a year. It took an entire year of learning “how to exercise” before I can do a “workout” on my own without help. So if you feel discouraged, because you can’t keep up, or going too slow, just remember that your body is not used to this new thing, and it has to get a chance to get coordinated. But muscle memory is amazing, because once you’ve done it once, you’ll automatically be a lot better the next time you try that same move.

I follow the BodyRock workouts because they are simplified – and most of the time, simple is all you need to get a great workout in. A big part of a healthy lifestyle is to rewire our body and mind to these new movements, because it feels great to be able to do “normal” things without breaking a sweat.

If you are interested in learning how to get a 20 minute workout in each day by doing very simple but calorie-torching exercises, then give it a try. I do similar exercises almost every day, and I can always attest to how a 15 to 20 minute HIIT workout is far more effective than an hour on the treadmill.

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1/19, Saturday HIIT Workout! By myself! I don’t need anyone to exercise!


Skipped Pilates today for a real workout. Nothing fancy. Just 50secs work and 10secs rest in between.

Followed BodyRock’s Hiit Max from yesterday and created my own using 50/10 and counted my reps.

I’m pretty proud! I didn’t need someone to show me how to do it and it was a solid hard 40min workout! Yay!

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by | January 19, 2013 · 2:10 pm

HIIT Session for 1/18 from BodyRock @ – Painfully Delicious


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HIIT Fit Test by BodyRock.TV

If you’ve never tried a HIIT workout, this video is great way to be introduced to HIIT moves. This video will help you find out where your “fit level” is, and it also makes a great benchmark to start the year. In a month you should try this work out again and see how much stronger you have become and how well you’ve improved.

The program is 50 seconds of each exercise, 10 seconds rest of the following exercises:

squat jumps
high knees
switch lunges
tuck jump
tricep dips
half burpee & monkey
switch jumps
side lunge
frog jump

View the video, learn the moves, then try it out in your living room with a timer. If you don’t have a timer, download the FREE app GymBoss and start your “Fit Test”!

Make sure to count how many you can do of each exercise in 50 seconds, write your numbers down during your 10 sec rest, then compare your numbers again in 1 month.

Make sure to keep following up with the videos for new exercises so you can have the chance to improve the moves you’ve just learned.

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by | January 14, 2013 · 10:58 pm

Quick Hiit – 20 Mins – No big deal


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