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1/03 – Cabbage souping…ugghh

I’d like to think of this whole “MUST LOSE 10LBS!!!” as a temporary, bust a gut move, to really trim the water weight…. I know, I know, fad diets are stupid. BUT they do work. I’m not looking to lose quick and expect it to stay off when I stop “cabbage souping”, a new term I coined, when I do crash diets…

LOOK: This diet is terrible…butttttttt….I really like cabbage soup, and this recipe…well…isn’t all that bad. I had to modify it because it did not allow protein, which is a NO-NO for me. I prefer a high fiber/protein diet. Ya know, I think I’m just tricking myself into losing 10lbs by “cabbage souping”. What I think I’m actually doing is going back to eating healthier again…and working out, and drinking lots of water. Ok, but fad diets are kinda fun. I remember doing them with my girlfriends back in high school. We were all thin anyway…maybe slightly puffy, but never overweight or anything. We would do the “candy” diet…where all you eat is candy…and literally, all you eat is candy. And water. Needless to say, that was stupid. There was also the “sweat” diet…where you wore a lot of thick clothes that make you sweat. There was also the diet pills diet. STUPID.

Ok, enough about my stupid ideas from high school. I am so glad they are over as I would never ever ever want to go back.


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