NO JUNK FOOD! Pack healthy snacks in your car, office, desk, gym bag, etc.


It’s only week 2, and I’m getting pretty tired of counting calories, and “consciously” eating all the time. It’s a lot of work to remember, write down, put effort into consciously recognizing what I’m eating. I’m starting to feel deprived even though I know I’m not. But I know that if I get in the habit of “Eyeballing” calories, and consciously learning caloric content of foods, then eating healthy will become an effortless subconscious act I do every day.

I have felt so good in the past 10 days between eating good, healthy food, my mood swings have incredibly reduced, I don’t feel toxic and I have so much more energy. But back to my willpower post, feelings of deprivation is very ineffective when you have an emotional attachment to certain foods. I am starting to feel as though I have really deprived myself of my sugar cravings. However, I’ve given in to ice cream on days that I am under in calories, I have been eating “Gummy” candy, and I have had 2 pieces of dove chocolates.

I can’t allow myself to submit to my sugar cravings, because I know myself, and I mindlessly eat sugary foods. I have to manipulate my environment to prevent myself from eating junk food.

Today, I realized that I have been chipping away at a massive bag of gummy candy on my desk.

I’m only eating it because it’s laying around. If I don’t leave junk food in plain view, it probably would never dawn on me to look for that type of food. So I put the entire bag inside my drawer, and tomorrow morning, I am going to bring snacks I made, and healthy power bars.

I’m going to pack my office drawers with healthy snacks so when the hunger strikes, I’m not sifting through candy and junk food, or worse, succumbing to anything that is laying around. I used to always have a small candy bar in my purse – I’m throwing that junk out and replacing it with a power bar!




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